About FotoArt

FotoArt is a digital fine art printing service, that specialises in producing quality fine art prints, and canvas prints. We have over 25 years experience in quality printing, from lithographic art prints for studios, and advertising agencies, to utilizing the state of the art Epsom printers that are regarded the industry standard for fine art printing.

FotoArt has the experience required to get the most out of your prints. We are photographers ourselves so we know what is needed to get the best possible result from your images. We have sourced the very best materials to produce our prints, from museum grade canvas, to artistic cotton rag papers from Europe's top papermakers.

We have recently expanded our services by opening a new studio in Snells Beach, 50 minutes north of Auckland. Our professional photographer Peter Stevens now combines his passion for photography with his printing expertise to offer you the complete package. He takes you right from the photo shoot through to a treasured work of art – ready to hang on your wall. You can choose a studio sitting, or a location shoot in one of the wonderful areas in and around North Auckland. The choice is yours.

Our digital artists can expertly restore your old photos, and print them in sepia or black and white so you can pass your family history on to the next generation. Or turn an image into a trendy pop art style canvas.

Additionally you can get in touch with our designers to discuss any custom design you want added to the image. Send us your digital artwork and photography. The only limit is your imagination.

We are a wholly New Zealand owned and operated company.